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Paintings › View › Psyche Opening the Golden Box 1903   
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  bullet  1903 . Oil on canvas
  bullet  Private Collection
Actual Size (W x H): 74cm x 117cm [ 29.16" x 46.10" ]
John William Waterhouse: Psyche Opening the Golden Box - 1903 John William Waterhouse: Psyche Opening the Golden Box - 1903

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Psyche, the daughter of a king, incurred the wrath of Venus who eyed her as a rival. She instructed Cupid, her son, to infect Psyche's heart with love for an outcast, but Cupid fell in love with her and visited her every night in her chamber. Fearing Psyche would be unable to resist his beauty, he remained invisible and warned her not to steal a look at him. One night, overcome with curiosity and goaded by her wicked sisters, Psyche took a lamp and shone it over Cupid as he lay asleep. She was so startled by his beauty that she spilled a drop of hot oil on his shoulder and woke the god from his slumber. Cupid was filled with anger at her disobedience and departed at once, leaving Psyche sad and deeply regretful. She roamed the earth in search of her lover, facing obstacles thrown in her way by Venus, until Jupiter took pity on her and made her immortal so she could be reunited with Cupid.

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