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La Belle Dame Sans Merci (study) (1893)
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. The Lady of Shalott [looking at Lancelot] (study) (1894)
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Pandora (1896)
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  bullet  1892 . Oil on canvas
  bullet  Unknown Location
Actual Size (W x H): 130cm x 84cm [ 51.22" x 33.10" ]
John William Waterhouse: Danaë - 1892 John William Waterhouse: Danaë - 1892

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Despite imprisonment by a father trying to avoid a fated death at the hands of a grandson, Danaë received a visit from the god Zeus in the form of a rain of gold. Her son Perseus slayed Medusa, tamed Pegasus, and rescued Andromeda.

This painting was stolen from the home of its New York owner in October 1947. Excerpt from Webmagick

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