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  bullet  1897 . Oil on canvas
  bullet  Private Collection
Actual Size (W x H): 74cm x 114cm [ 29.16" x 44.92" ]
John William Waterhouse: Mariana in the South - 1897 John William Waterhouse: Mariana in the South - 1897

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And, rising, from her bosom drew
Old letters, breathing of her worth,
For "Love", they said, "must needs be true,
To what is loveliest upon earth."
An image seem'd to pass the door,
To look at her with slight, and say,
"But now thy beauty flows away,
So be alone for evermore."
"O cruel heart," she changed her tone,
"And cruel love, whose end is scorn,
Is this the end to be left alone,
To live forgotten, and die forlorn?"
excerpt from 'Mariana in the South' - Tennyson, 1842

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